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Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides are trained to help patients recover safely and more independently by providing care and assistance in a patients home. Scientific studies have shown that patients who receive care in their home environment, instead of a hospital setting, have an improved recovery time of 15%.

medical staff checking patientHere are the latest statistics available from the National Association for Home Care and Hospice:

  • Approximately 12 million people in the U.S. require some form of home health care.
  • More than 33,000 home health care providers exist today.
  • Almost two-thirds (63.8 percent) of home health care recipients are women.
  • More than two-thirds (69.1 percent) of home health care recipients are over age 65.
  • Conditions requiring home health care most frequently include diabetes, heart failure, chronic ulcer of the skin, osteoarthritis, and hypertension.
  • Approximately $72.2 billion was projected to be spent on home health care in 2009.
  • Medicare is the largest single payer of home care services. In 2009, Medicare spending was approximately 41 percent of the total home health care and hospice expenditure.

Here at Techni-Pro Institute, we impart the best educational methods to help you become a valuable professional and friend to your patients. What makes our program stand apart from other schools? We offer a 2 week hands-on externship that will allow you to practice and then sharpen those newly acquired skills! Come and learn the Techni-Pro Touch, a person-centered approach to patient care!





HHA001 Health Care Industry (5 Clock Hours)
This course provides an overview of the health care delivery system. Emphasis will be on health occupations, roles and responsibilities of the health care teams, legal and ethical guidelines, communications skills, safety and security procedures, infection control, CPR and knowledge of blood borne diseases.

HHA002 Principles of Infection Control (5 Clock Hours) 
Students will be introduced to the history of germ theory and its evolution into today’s practice. Students will have a basic knowledge and understanding of disease and disease transmission.

HHA003 Communication and Confidentiality (5 Clock Hours)
This course describes how communication occurs through words and actions. Positive and effective communication and confidentiality is very important.

HHA004 Legal and Ethical Behavior (5 Clock Hours)
Laws concerning patients and workers in the health care institution are written to protect both the patients and the workers. Students will learn the legal aspect about accidents and reporting the occurrence.

HHA005 Safety and Well Being of Patient (5 Clock Hours)
The safety measures presented in this course will assist the students in creating and maintaining a safe environment for the patient. Students will learn about general safety, oxygen safety, fire safety, and patient safety.

HHA006 Principles of Nutrition (5 Clock Hours)
This course is will provide the students with guidelines for evaluating the patient’s nutritional needs and delivering a well-balanced diet. Also, provide information on preparing the patient for mealtime, giving the patient food and water.

HHA007 Procedures and Task/Practice (10 Clock Hours)
In this course students learn admitting, transfer, and discharge of patient. Making beds, measuring and recording patient’s statistics, range of motion exercises, collect urine and stool specimens, monitor catheter drainage, monitor fluids, observation of patient emesis, postmortem, enema of five ounces or less, and maintain patient belongings.

HHA008 Assisting Patient with Self Medication (4 Clock Hours)
Students will learn how to assist patient with self-administration of medication provided the patient’s medical condition is stable and learn how to read a prescription stable.

HHA009 Alzheimer Disease (4 Clock Hours)
This course teaches the student how to recognize, handle and care for a patient who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer and dementia.

HHA010 Domestic Violence (4 Clock Hours)
This course teaches the students how to recognize domestic violence as a healthcare giver. Students are made aware that Domestic Violence is a crime and it is very important that a suspected violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation of a patient under their care should be reported.

HHA011 Emergency Preparedness/Practice/CPR (4 Clock Hours)
Students learn to assess patient room safety and to critically think through emergency situations whereby they must maintain patient safety and invoke the chain of command in order to assist the patient.

HHA012 OSHA/HIV & Aids (4 Clock Hours)
Students will learn about HIV/AIDS, its history and its current effect on the world population. Students will learn about HIV/AIDS as a disease, and the medical responsibilities concerning HIV/AIDS in the state of Florida.

HHA013 Externship (15 Clock Hours)
This is supervised experiential training in a licensed nursing home under the supervision of a clinical instructor. Practice of skills learned in the classroom including personal care, feeding, be-making and completion of a clinical.

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